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March 8, 2018 at 1:17 pm

Hey Eden, thanks for the post. Your post got me thinking about the different kinds of subjective list theories that there are and how we might combine them. Once I did that I was struck by the thought that some families of subjective list theories are much less plausible than other families of subjective list theories. I’m curious to know if you share my reaction.

Here are some of the examples of the subjective list theories you give:

1. disjunctive desire satisfactionism (the “combination” of subjective desire satisfactionism and desire satisfactionism) 2. disjunctive value realization theory (the “combination” of value realization theory and subjective value realization theory)

(‘Combination’ is in scare quotes because strictly speaking, I suppose, you couldn’t just put an ampersand between a statement of subjective desire satisfactionism and a statement of desire satisfactionism and get a coherent view because the former theory says that subjective desire satisfaction is the only basic welfare good whereas the latter view says that desire satisfaction is the only basic welfare good)

I started to think about other possible combinations. What about this one:

3. the “combination” of desire satisfactionism with subjective value realization

I can see why someone would endorse subjective list theories like 1 and 2, but I can’t really see why someone would endorse a subjective list theory like 3. I wonder if you share that intuition and if you can help me put my finger on why 3 isn’t really a plausible subjective list theory.

Possible explanation: the theorist who adopts 3 must have some reason for thinking that value realizations don’t benefit us. But it would seem that whatever reason they have in mind would also imply that desire satisfactions don’t benefit us. But 3 implies that desire satisfactions do benefit us, so the proponent of 3 is not being consistent.

We can generalize from here. Just as 3 is weird for this reason, the following subjective list theory would be weird for an analogous reason:

4. the “combination” of value realization theory and subjective desire satsifactionism

The idea, then, is that subjective list theories fall into two categories: those like 1 and 2 and those like 3 and 4. Subjective list theories like 3 and 4 are just on their face implausible or at least have an explanatory burden that they must discharge that subjective list theories like 1 and 2 do not have.

So, do you share my reaction that there’s something weird about subjective list theories like 3 and 4? And do you think the explanation for this weirdness that I have provided is plausible?

March 8, 2018 at 1:34 pm

Hi, Nicole! Thanks for your comment.

In thinking about the sort of case that you describe, I find it helpful to distinguish (1) whether a particular event would be basically good for you if it were to occur from (2) whether you would be better off in the long run if that event were to occur than you would be if it were not to occur. It could be that a particular event would be basically good for you if it were to occur, even though you would not be better off in the long run if it were to occur than you would be if it were not to occur. For example, perhaps it would be basically good for you to feel a particular pleasure, even though you would be worse off in the long run if you were to feel it because it would cause you to feel very sad in the future. So, although there are cases in which you would not be better off in the long run if you were to get a particular subjective desire satisfaction (e.g., cases in which you would eventually feel very sad if you were to get that subjective desire satisfaction), that does not suggest to me that there is anything problematic with the view that every subjective desire satisfaction of yours is basically good for you.

sinan ali

university of baghdad - Engineering and Technology

I will be very happy to be part of that. they are another kind of mafia

mustafa aliasghar

nil - Earth and Planetary Sciences

Dariush Alimohammadi

Tarbiat Moallem University - Social Sciences

Samuel Alizon

CNRS - Biology

Mosa Aljuhani

Dentist - Medicine

Greg Allain

Université de Moncton - Social Sciences

Gregoire Allaire

Ecole Polytechnique - Mathematics

Very often you write a referee report because you know the editor or the author, not because of the journal. Nevertheless I will try as much as possible to refrain from dealing with Elsevier (although they are not the only "bad guys" in this business).

Ben Allanach

University of Cambridge - Physics

William Allard

Duke University - Mathematics

Barry Allen

Philosophy~McMaster University - Arts and Humanities

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Christopher Allen

Bainbridge Graduate Institute - Environmental Sciences

Geoffrey Allen

University of New Brunswick - Library and Information Sciences

George Charles Allen

Clark University - Arts and Humanities

"For scholarship - if it is to be scholarship - requires, in addition to liberty, that the truth take precedence over all sectarian interests, including self-interest." -John Charles Polanyi

Henry Allen

University of East Anglia - Social Sciences

Jamie Allen

Cambridge University - Biology

Jason Allen

Medical Student - Medicine

John-Mark Allen

University of Cambridge - Physics

Whilst still an undergraduate I plan to support this boycott and join when my studies reach an advanced enough stage.

Marcia Allen

Scientist Solutions - Arts and Humanities

I am have been an advocate of the life scientists (and open access) of the world for 15 years. I started a labor of love as a free site for scientists to get help with their experiments. Monday we launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to recode the site. We also help get lab doors closed through Can you help spread the word to your network. If we reach our goal we will award $25k in grants to institutions and labs mentioned most.

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Syverson, 2017

There just does not seem to be any systematic relationship between the size of the slowdown of productivity growth and the importance of IT products in a country’s economy, which is a strike against the mismeasurement hypothesis.

Next, let’s look at the work of other researchers who have said, “Well, we’ve got a way to get at, through the side door, what the value of these technological goods are.” We can take their methods, put in new data, and see whether we can get a feel for what the value of these IT-related goods might be. There are about a dozen or so carefully done studies that attempt to put a value on technological goods, so do any of them arrive at a value anywhere near $3 trillion?

In short, no. These studies typically produce figures in the neighborhood of $100 billion–$200 billion in the US. That’s not pocket change, but it’s nothing compared to the $3 trillion of output that is missing because productivity growth has slowed. The highest estimate comes from Chicago Booth’s Austan D. Goolsbee and Stanford’s Peter J. Klenow , who calculate that the total consumer valuation for these products might be in the neighborhood of $850 billion. That’s twice as large as the second-largest estimate, but still not even a third of the way to our missing $3 trillion. What’s more, the studies to which I’m referring are estimating the total surplus created by these products—this includes revenues, which are used to calculate GDP, but also consumer surplus, which isn’t.

As a third analysis, let’s take the missing $3 trillion at face value and say, “OK, let’s suppose that $3 trillion really does exist, and we just missed it in our statistics.” What would that imply about what’s happened if we did measure it? Let’s wave our magic wand, say we’re not missing that $3 trillion anymore, and then ask ourselves whether we believe those numbers once we’ve added that $3 trillion back in.

According to what we can measure, IT-related industries in the US produced $1.4 trillion in total value added in 2015, the latest year for which data are available. That’s up from $800 billion (adjusted for inflation) in 2004, so we’ve had measured growth in the production of IT-related products in the neighborhood of $600 billion. Now, if we accept that these are the sectors from which this missing $3 trillion is coming, what we’re really saying is that $600 billion is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s another $3 trillion that was being produced but that we missed in our statistics, so the real number isn’t $600 billion, but rather $3.6 trillion.

So we can ask, “All right, do we find it plausible that we have basically captured one-sixth of the output that was actually created in these sectors?” Is our ability to measure output so poor that we actually only capture about 17 percent of the activity in these sectors? That’s the implication of the mismeasurement hypothesis.

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